Center Pull-Tab Tapered Plugs – CPT SERIES

Center Pull-Tab Tapered PlugsCPT SERIES

Series CPT Plugs have the same configuration and dimensions of standard Tapered Caplugs but with an integral center-pull tab which facilitates insertion and removal of the plug. The tab extends well above the plug body, making it easy to grasp. Since the tab is molded fully into the end and side walls of the plug, it will not break off during plug removal. The concentric design of the CPT allows a straight-pull removal without disturbing the o-ring fittings.

Series CPT-NF Center Pull Tab Tapered Plugs without the Flange are ideal for use in tight places or when two or more openings need to be plugged so close together there is no room for a flange. The pull-tab is fully molded into the body of the plug ensuring it will not break off during removal.

Material: Low-Density Polyethylene
Color: Red


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