Clean Room Torque Screwdriver

Clean Room Torque Screwdriver

Clean Room Torque Screwdriver meets a growing trend of clean room manufacturing, the need for torque tools that meet stringent cleanliness requirements has increased. Responding to this manufacturing need, Mountz offers clean room torque screwdrivers. Clean Room screwdriver is a preset torque limiting screwdriver (internally adjustable). The cam-over design prevents overtorquing for your application. Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the accuracy and repeatability requirements of ISO 6789: 2003 (+/- 6% of setting).


  • Exceeds or meet sClass 100 clean room standards.
  • Special seals prevent contamination.
  • External components are high-grade stainless steel to inhibit any form of corrosion.
  • Special microfiltered internal lubricant.
  • Aluminum handle sealed with PTFE impregnated anodized finish.
  • Tamper-proof internal adjustment.
  • Tamper-proof internal adjustment. No external adjustment scale – must be preset using a torque analyzer.
  • Mountz San Jose, CA is a certified ISO 9001:2015 company. Mountz, Inc. committed to quality through the rigorous process of Quality Management Systems (QMS) implementations and compliance.

Torque Ranges



Clean Room Standards
According to the United States specification FED-STD-209D, Classes of cleanliness are defined by the number of particles per cubic foot. Particle sizes shown in the following table.

Measured Particles Size (Microns)

Class 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.5 5.0
1 35 7.5 3 1
10 350 75 30 10
100 750 300 100
1,00 1,000 7
10,000 10,000 70
100,00 100,00 700