70 SMD LED Waterproof Work Light

70 SMD LED Waterproof Work Light (Rechargeable Li-ion Battery)

Model: CPT-LA03

  • 70 SMD LED IP55 waterproof work light (rechargeable li-ion battery) is ideal for any application where lighting is required indoors or outdoors.It can be used for lighting in: outdoors for boating,camping, exploring, fishing, vehicle maintenance and repair, illumination of workshop for examining, emergencies or practically anywhere where lighting is required.    
    LED Q’ty 70 LEDs
    Battery Built-in 3.6V 4200mAh Li-ion Battery
    Charge-discharge Cycles  >800Times
    Waterproof Grade IP67
    Full Charging & Working Time  3.5 Hrs
    LED Lifetime 100,000Hrs
    LED Light Intensity 380Lm(Max)
    LED Color Temperature 6500K(White LED)
     Battery Storage Time (Unload)  2 Years
    Battery Indicator Light Red(30%)/Yellow(60%)/Green(100%)
    Charging Temperature -5℃ — 45℃
    Discharging Temperature -20℃ — 50℃
    Storage Temperature -20℃ — 80℃
    Transformer DC 5.5V/1800~2000mA
    Net Weight  0.35KG
    Dimensions(LWD)  415mm x 57mm x 41mm
  • Battery indicator lights is generated by logo display backlight color (red, yellow and green ), which allows user to know current battery state.
  • Security:   A: Six layers of lithium battery charge and discharge protection;
  • Drop Resistance: The work light is not damaged caused by fall from 1M height;
  • Durability: The Li-ion battery (4200mAh) provides up to 3.5 hours continuous use on a single charge. More than 800 times charging and discharging cycles. It would remain all the functions even if no load for 2 years from the manufacture date;
  • Waterproof and Dustproof: IP67 standard, supports 1M depth under water task;
  • Flexibility: 360° swivel hanging hook and patented strong magnetic bipod, which designed like two butterfly antenna, can be arbitrarily bent into perfect position without lamp shake